The ANYCAR from Manufacturers Hanover Trust


In Carology episode #008 there was some obscure recollection of an advertising campaign for a bank’s car loan services.

Well, I found an advertisement for the ANYCAR !!  How many distinctive car parts can you identify??


  1. Eddie K says:

    Remeber these ads from around 72-74. This car was the original, there was also the ANY CAR 2 and ANY CAR 3. Changing every year ’72, ’73 ’74.
    I remember the commercials for this car on channel 9 in New York during Mets baseball games as they were a sponsor for years. As a matter of fact , there is a rain delay for the Mets game right now, and they are showing Mets 1976 highlights and there is the huge Manufacturers Hanover sign on the bottom of the huge scoreboard at old Shea Stadium. Also, if I remember correctly, the car was pictured in the Mets yearbook.

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