I’m in Love with a Car on Television

chevrolet_impala_01I can’t remember the moment I first realized it, but I do remember thinking, “Why am I cheering for a car?”

I was watching the CW television show — Supernatural. There she was on my TV. A ’67 Chevy Impala. Gorgeous, sleek, every bit a star as her co-stars. I hadn’t even known what a Impala was before this series on TV, but I became an avid trivia buff about everything Impala.

It’s easy now to understand why I love her so much. Dean, one of the show’s main characters, adores his car. He takes care of it as if it were a person (up to calling it “baby” and worrying if people have “hurt” her). Since the show primarily takes place on the road the main character’s mode of transportation is extremely important.

In one episode the car is totaled, with our main characters inside. I was grief-struck and I realized my horror had more to do with the Impala’s fate than the main characters!

Now, again, I’m a girl. I don’t think of myself as a car buff, or a classic car buff, or even a “car girl”. But here I was worrid about a car! On my TV!

Thankfully she came through even better than before, and still graces my TV. Here’s to Supernatural’s ’67 Chevy Impala for making me fall in love with a car.

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  1. I agree! It’s such a great car.

  2. In college the parking lot was filled with powder blue Impala’s not nearly as nice as this Impala. I love this car, I love that the sound of the engine is loud and gruff, I love the heavy sounds of the door as it squeaks open and shut and the slam sounds you hear. I just really want to know what kind of wax dean uses, never seen a car that age so shiny not in a car show.

  3. That impala is as much a character on Supernatural as the Enterprise is on Star Trek (any version).

  4. I totally agree with you Meliss, Enterprise – Serenity – even Dukes of Hazard!

  5. Falling in love with television cars… ah the good old days! I do like this Impala, but I truly loved the Ferrari Daytona that Sonny Crockett drove. Lately, the car I’m starting to really enjoy is the Charger that Michael Weston drives on Burn Notice!

  6. graylensman says:

    My Opa owned an Impala back in the 70’s – big white thing. I loved the clunk of the doors as they closed. The upholstery was covered in plastic, so my shorts-clad legs would stick in the summertime.

    As far as television cars go, the Batmobile is my favorite. Atomic batteries to power! Turbines to speed!

  7. I love it too!! I was about to cry when the demon hit her in the end off season 1… But my true love is a yellow Porsche 911 turbo!!! You will see it in the new twilight saga movie (new moon) It’s perfect!!!

  8. i’ll have her in this life…!!

  9. alilhorseplay says:

    Oh my gosh, I can’t believe there is another girl out there how loves the Impala as much as me! You know Jensen Ackles (guy who plays Dean) said in an interview “The Impala is like a third star, and the show wouldn’t be the same without her.” Now of course it’s the other way around Sam and Dean nicely complement the her, but to each his own, right? lol

  10. TOOK THE WORDS OUT OF MY MOUTH!! I totally love this car. And yes i think we really bond with the car because WE as the fans treat this car as a main character. I like the car related jokes or puns they make because its just so badass! Like when Sam was driving and Dean is about to go to sleep and he is like “After the first 100 miles……I AM DRIVING” Like a drug to him or something

  11. I feel just like you!
    I’m actually looking on the Internet if someone is selling that car in the U.S and I live in SWEDEN! I’m also 16 years old, won’t get a drivers lincense before I’m 18 and I can never afford it. But I want it, so bad.

  12. My Grandfather had a 68 impala that was his work Car. 4 door, gold, and not one option or power anything on it except an am (only) radio. And I can’t help but hink of it everytime I see a car like it on tv. I have no doubt that the sight of an Impala enhances my enjoyment of the show.

  13. Oh I know what you mean, when I saw the car being totaled by the semi I about cried and moaned, “NNnooooo” not the Impala. That car is sweet and I love what they did to the engine to give it the sound it has. I am a bit of a car buff, especially older muscle cars, and yes i’m a girl.
    I was talking to a friend, who btw got me hooked on Supernatural, and told her that too bad they had to change the body. She told me, “Leave it to you to notice that.: lol

  14. Edmilson Costa says:

    Eu sou apaixonado por este carro; assisto o seriado só para ve-lo

  15. It’s portuguese and loosley translated it says I watched the show just to see it I am passionate about this car !

  16. impalagirl says:

    i love this car i just absoloutly love this car i think it should be in my garage all encased in glass dust free show caseing unit maybe change the rocket 350 tto a high performance engine also i to when i first saw that car instantly changed my dream car from a ‘stang to that B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L ’67 four door black chevy impala

  17. This car gives me girl-boners. Season three (I think?) has nifty little extras on the DVD about Baby. I will own this car.

  18. mllnmfalcon says:

    Ahhh I feel the exact same way! I’ve become OBSESSED with that car. I actually found a red ’67 Chevy Impala being sold on Ebay for $14,900 (US) and was all set to click “Buy Now” before I remembered that I’m a 17 yr old girl and about to go to college; I have no money that isn’t going into tuition! But I’m setting aside a piggy bank to get this car of my dreams. Long live late sixties muscle cars!

  19. It’s definitely a dream car for me too!!

    Before Supernatural I loved Mustangs. It’s not that I don’t like them anymore, but I LOVE this Impala way better!! The sound of the engine… hmmm Love it. (I’m a girl too.) I liked cars before (not that I know much about them… all that talk about the engine, horse power, it’s still Greek to me) but I love everything else. Anyways, with Supernatural I fell in love with the ’67 Chevy Impala too. Hate when anything bad happens to her (or him, as we would say here in Portugal).

    Maybe someday my dream will come true… Sure hope so!

  20. When she came back better than before, I was cheering on for her (actually shouting). She is beautiful.

  21. That is exactly what i think!! that car is the most amazing ride iv ever seen =D and the engine….. mmmmm…..its one cherry ride. i cant wait untill i have enough money to get one for myself!

  22. to impala girl sorry but it doesnt have a 350 rocket thats oldsmobile has a 327 chevy

  23. if i had that car i would drive from here to hell and back besides the sound of it strating up the way it run look how lone it has been around and as far as it being a old car that just means it been around thought it all be sides i bet ac/dc sounds killer going down the road in that car

  24. *smooch* to the car !

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